Our Values

We do our job with the passion of the first day, with the same love and devotion.

Being open to new ideas and keeping constant pace with today’s conditions is one of our foundation values.

Spirit of Entrepreneurship:
From our point of view , entrepreneurship means that;” Being always one step ahead of other.”.

Another value that guides us is open-mindedness. Listening to customers and understanding their problems and creating solutions is our absolute priority.

Pursuit of Perfection :
We all share and live this desire to provide the best service to our customers. We do not forget that seeking perfection depends on our inner harmony, understanding and inner motivation being perfect.

HETA Electric has invariably created a sense of responsibility at the stage of showing or renewing its entrepreneurial spirit. We will continue to do our job by prioritizing our sense of responsibility in every product we sell and every service we provide.

Our ethical values are indispensable in everything we do.

Acting with integrity is vital to developing trust and building good relationships and making them sustainable.

We respect, because what we do affects the lives of many people.
We are bold,because courage is at the heart of being ethical.
We are transperent, we must always be truthful, sincere and justify our actions and decisions. We should act as we speak, and tell what we can do.